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  NBC    Today    News/Business.  (2012) Reports  
   from the Olympics. New. (CC) (Stereo)  

    July 31, 2012
    7:00 - 9:00am PDT  

and welcome to "today" and to london's olympic park on this tuesday morning. good morning, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm matt lauer. missy franklin came here to london with so much pressure on her shoulders. she was labeled the next big thing in u.s. swimming. and so far she's delivered. >> and you and i were there. we watched her win gold. i had no idea you could scream that loud. >> you know, it's very exciting. we were sitting just down at the end of the pool. when you see that number one go up to missy's name, it's a great moment. >> it was so exciting. chenabed gold and set an american record in the 100 meter backstroke. this is the second medal for her
in these games. and hoda kotb, who has made her way to london, talked to missy right after the race. she was eve therein when franklin reunited with her parents for the first time in weeks. we'll have that touching moment straight ahead and missy's mom and dad will be with us as well. >> also, let's not leave out the men. we mentioned they took gold and silver in the men's 100 meter backstroke. and those two athletes are here with us as well. congratulations to them. we'll talk to them in a second. and tonight, ryan lochte looks to get back to his winning ways in the men's 4 x 200 meter free relay later this morning. ryan's mom and siblings will tell us what it's like to watch the nail-biting races. >> hard for us. i can't imagine how it is for them. also, there's been some controversy in the pool over a record-breaking performance by a 16-year-old chinese athlete. she smashed the world record in the 400 meter i.m., beating her own personal best by five seconds. swimming faster even than the men's champ, ryan lochte, had
swum in his final 50 meters in a different race. so was it too good to be believed? we will get into that controversy. >> a lot of murmurders abos abo. and the royal family. coming up, a busy day at the olympics for the duke and duchess of cambridge and prince harry. >> natalie morales has the olympic highlights of the morning. natalie, good morning to you. good morning to you, savannah and matt. as you heard, monday was a mixed one for team usa highlighted by tight races and missy "the missile" franklin's big win. >> here comes franklin down. >> 17-year-old missy franklin winning her first-ever olympic gold medal in the 100 meter backstroke. >> yes! >> reporter: the colorado team swam the event just 14 minutes after competing in a semifinal. >> whooo! >> reporter: her reaction just moments after the big win.
>> it's impossible to describe. i can't believe that just happened. just seeing that flag being raised was so incredibly unbelievable. i could have never dreamed it would feel like that. >> here they come down the final ten meters! >> teammate rebecca soni rallied and finished with a silver medal for the men, matt grevers earned gold with nick stowman taking sifr for a one-two u.s. finish. not a good day for star swimmer ryan lochte. he faltered, finishing fourth in the 200 meter freestyle. >> it wasn't a good time for me. but, you know, i raced as hard as i could and that's all i could really ask for. >> reporter: michael phelps finished first the qualifying heat of the 200 meter butterfly. later today he swims for a
medal. >> as ye shiwen pulls ahead of everyone. >> reporter: meanwhile, controversy is brewing over super fast performance in women's swimming. 16-year-old ye shiwen of china set a world record in the 400 meter individual medley saturday. in a final 50 meters, she swam faster than ryan lochte did in the same event. the teen is denying doping allegations. >> oh, god! >> reporter: a major disappointment for the u.s. men's gymnastics team with several falls putting them in fifth place without a medal. >> and this -- oh, my goodness gracious. >> i personally feel like i kind of let the team down because i had five events to do and i really messed up two of them. so, you know, that hurts. >> the chinese took the gold, but there was confusion over who earned silver. >> great britain has taken the silver! >> reporter: at first the british team went crazy, thinking they had won silver. their first team medal in a century. but the japanese team questioned
a score, calling for a review. the judges gave the silver to japan and the british team settled for bronze. but they did get a visit from the royals with prince william and harry showing up to cheer them on. earlier, katherine, the duchess of cambridge, joined the princes for some equestrian events monday. their cousin, dara phillips, competing in the cross-country stage. other big events today, the women's gymnastics team final, and in swimming, the u.s. relay team makes the 4 x 200 meter freestyle final, phelps will have a shot to become the most decorated olympian ever. as for the medal count, china still leads with 17, including nine goals. team usa also has a total of 17, five golds, seven silver, and five bronze. japan, meanwhile, in third with 11 overall. matt? all right, natalie. thank you very much. as you mentioned, missy franklin's first-ever gold medal came in the women's 100 meter
backstroke. "today's" hoda kotb caught up with the 17-year-old after the race. welcome to london. >> thank you. what a great kid missy is. she set an american record on the way to gold, and we had a little surprise waiting for her after that remarkable swim. >> and here comes fra s frankli lane five! >> reporter: it took only 53.33 seconds for missy franklin to cement her first plais in olympic history. the 17-year-old phenom captured her very first gold medal in the women's 100 meter backstroke monday night, setting an american record. >> over here! >> what does it feel like being a u.s. olympian, a gold medalist? >> it's unbelievable. unbelievable. i got my first kind of look of what it feels like to win a gold and see your flag go up at worlds last year, and that was unbelievable. but having this happen at the
olympics was absolutely indescribable. >> when you were swimming the first lap, you were in second, you made the turn, then you turned the jets on. when you touched that wall, turned around, did you know right then that magic had happened? >> you know, you never know until you see that scoreboard. it's so hard to tell , but looking up there and seeing that one, i couldn't believe it. >> looking up, your eyes got so big. you have the greatest picture of all time of your parents. this is the picture, not the greatest, but we have your mom and dad. >> oh! >> come here. come here with me. but we had a bigger surprise for the gold medalist. her parents, who missy hasn't seen in person since early july. >> i miss you so, so much. >> an unforgettable moment for this family. on a night that was golden for this teenage girl. >> i love you.
>> what a great night. fans of missy know that she is a belieber, a justin bieber fan. after her race, justin treat tweeted this to her, "heard franklinmissy is a fan of mine. now i'm a fan of hers too. congratulations on winning gold. much love." pretty cool. >> it is. let's go over to savannah. missy's parents are with us now. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> let's start with that bieber tweet, because i understand that gold is good but missy was really excited about getting a tweet from justin bieber. is that right, dick? >> absolutely. that made her morning. she was delighted. i asked her, now, wait a minute, gold medal, beeber? >> she sent you an e-mail in all caps about that? >> can you believe -- apparently she tweeted back and said something like, i just died. >> it's so cute. we were so excited to watch her. what an emotional reunion for
you to get to see her, because you really don't -- people may not understand, you don't necessarily get to see your child when they're in the olympics. how was it to see her after she won gold? >> oh, unbelievable. we haven't seen her for two weeks. dick went down to knoxville for family day, but that was just for dinner. but i hadn't seen her since she left for camp. >> wow. and so yesterday, we saw her finish, qualify for the 200 meter freestyle, then 14 minutes later have to do the swim of her life in the backstroke. was there any concerns? >> well, she's done it before. the 14 minutes is the tightest she's ever done it. and wonderful that the committee allowed her to warm down in the side pool. i mean, that was pretty exceptional. >> that really made the difference for her for not having to go all the way off and be able to warm up. she's a standout in these games. we're looking at the reason why. she's got this bright, beautiful smile. what kind of person is she? >> missy is exactly like that.
she's always been smiling, happy. i think she smiled when she was born. she's just a happy child. >> we see her dancing during the victory lap the swimmers take, kind of dancing down with the other athletes. when you first gave her swimming lessons when she was just a little one, i mean, i know every parent loves their child, but did you think i've got a future olympian there? >> her grandmother did. >> her grandmother did. it was very embarrassing. her first meet, she was 5, the football fin finals, and she got a record. her grandmother looked around and said she's going to be an olympian one day. i was going, shh. >> when did you know she had potential and it was serious? >> we have some friends in colorado that are very good accomplished swimmer, and they were telling us because i'm a football player, you know, we're not swimmers, and they were telling us 9 years old, 10 years
old, she's the real deal. >> she chose to stay in colorado instead of going to a swimming hotbed. you were canadian. you said maybe it would be less pressure. but she wanted to swim for the usa. >> absolutely. she's a colorado girl. she's so close to family and frien friends. her high school has been incredible and her tome team, colorado star, they've just been amazing. >> i know she's made you proud. she's made all of us proud. >> thank you. >> thank you for being here. congratulations. missy will be back in the pool later today going for medal number three in that 200 meter freestyle. 7:12. back to matt. team usa's dynamic duo of mark grevers and rick stowman are here. congratulations. >> thank you. >> we were there last night as i mentioned. could you hear the crowd yelling in that last leg? >> you could feel it.
it wasn't just hearing it. it was a rumble in your bones. it was awesome. >> you looked up, matt, did you instantly see the one next to your name? >> i did. i felt bad about that. i saw the one, started celebrating before looking where my teammates went. >> had to jump over and grab him and we celebrated together. >> that's when you realized he had taken a silver in. >> a whole celebration. >> did you see the two next to your name immediately? >> oh, yeah. i saw the two lights on my block which indicated i got second, then i looked up at the board and saw matt got first so i had to jump over and give him a big hug. >> back in beijing, i think you got the silver behind aaron piersol. did you know this was your year? >> i had such good trials, had a lot of momentum coming into this olympic games so i felt pretty good about it. >> nick, talk to me about your final 50 meters because you made up some ground. tell me what the it was like. did you think you had done enough?
>> my whole goal was to be out with the field. i'm usually out slower than other people and i know i have the power to come home with the best of them. matt got his hand on the wall and i was thinking oh, my god, i can do this and turns out i did. >> is it true the coach said to you before the race, one-two? >> yeah, david marsh said to both of us, let's do this thing, let's get one-two. >> he didn't tell you which order? you decided on that? >> yeah. >> what do you have left? >> we're both doing the 400 meter relay on the fourth. >> on the third. >> you're on the third, you're on the fourth. one more event to and then will you stop and enjoy a little bit of london? >> definitely. i'm staying here until closing ceremonies so i can watch some of the other sports and have some fun. >> well, you gave us a great moment. as i said, we were there last night. it was wonderful to be in attendance to see the american flag raised up there and see you guys standing side by side. congratulations, it was huge. let's head over to natalie with
the news desk with a check of the top stories. natalie? >> good morning. colorado shooting suspect james holmes could face the death penalty if convicted. on monday he was charged with 42 counts. legal experts say the multiple charges per victim give the state a backup plan for sentencing if, for example, his defense team claims he's too des tushed to be held responsible. >> mitt romney is feeling the heat from his trip to israel. good morning to you, peter. >> reporter: good morning to you. mitt romney after accidentally offend being the brits and angering palestinians just finished up a foreign policy speech here in poland where he tried to project an image as a leader ready for the big stage. with a solemn visit to the tomb
of the unknown pean ally. >> do you feel your debt has overshadowed your interests? >> reporter: this morning, reporters tried to shout questions to romney while he left a plaza near the tomb of the unknown soldier -- >> this is a holy site for the people, show some respect. >> reporter: a campaign spokesman angrily intervened. the spokesman later called reporters to apologize. romney began the week in israel with a comment that largely overshadowed his visit. he told jewish donors in an off-camera fund-raiser that israeli culture is part of what's enabled israel to be more economically productive than its palestinian neighbors. he said the same holds true for other neighboring countries like the u.s. and mexico. culture makes all the difference, he said. i look out over the city and consider the accomplishments of the people of this nation, i recognize the power of at least
culture and a few other things. some palestinian leaders were outraged. the romney campaign called the reporting of the comments a gross mischaracterization. their top strategist said, "this was not in any way an attempt to slight the palestinians, and everyone knows that." and this visit to poland is in part designed to help mitt romney try to win over support from polish americans and catholics back in the united states. mitt romney does head home a little bit later today. natalie? >> peter alexander in warsaw, poland, thanks so much. half of india, about 600 million people, lost elected tries ty today, one day after a smaller but similar blackout. hundreds of trains were stalled and traffic lights went out. india's power minister blames the crisis on states taking more than their allotted shares of electricity. now let's head to wall street. at the new york stock exchange. good day to you.
wall street is recovering from the worst case of the mondays since 1973. nine straight mondays with red arrows in the markets. early optimism from investors stating that economic policymakers would provide a boost. investors now in a wait and see mode with most of the market events taking place in the upcoming days especially an all-important read on the state of american jobs. today we have earnings from drug giants pfizer and anheuser-busch. natal natalie? all right, kayla tausche from the new york stock exchange. thank you. and this kid should go for hurdling gold. the 5-week-old dwarf goat getting some serious air on a farm in maine. the nigerian dwarf goat getting some serious air on a farm in maine. as you see there, not going to make a lot of friends using his friends at hurdles. he knocks them down. let's turn it back to matt, savannah and al.
>> natalie, thank you very much. mr. roker is here with the first check of the weather. >> we have severe weather to talk about in the southeast. a risk of strong storms from mobile, alabama, as far north as chattanooga. heavy rain already in the last several hours. we've picked up three to five inches of rain from birmingham down to panama city, florida. severe thunderstorm watches in effect. you can look at the rain just training down. rainfall amounts over the next 24 hours another three to five inches locally. flooding is a big problem right now throughout much >> 7:19 on a tuesday morning. we have a good looking day. it will be cooler than it has been. 58 in sunnyvale. 56 in san francisco yesterday in livermore you hit 98 degrees. today taking your temperature to 91. even at noon a little hot throughout the extreme east bay
and the south bay. we'll round out at 81 in redwood city. 86 in wine country for napa today. throughout the upcoming days the low 90s. >> and that's your latest weather. savannah? >> al, thanks. we'll have much more from london's olympic park just ahead, including ryan lochte's personal cheering section. we'll talk to his mother and siblings. but first this
just ahead -- members of the u.s. men's gymnastics team will open up about a dramatic but what would have to be considered disappointing night for them here in london. they started out the evening in first place, ended up in fifth. we're going to talk to them, find out what they think might have gone wrong. >> we'll ask them and see how they're feeling about their individuals events, which are still coming up. still hope for the men's gymnastics team. also ahead, the royals are
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[ female announcer ] weight watchers -- rated number one best plan for weight loss by u.s. news and world report, again. join for $1. hurry offer ends august 4th. weight watchers. believe. because it works. >> it's 7:26. good morning. i'm jon kelley. nothing short of a spectacular morning for a south bay athlete with a lot to celebrate. marti malloy wins the bronze medal in london, becoming the first american to ever medal in judo. >> a little surreal for me. i surprised myself in the final when i won, so it's a mix of happiness and unbelievableness. but it feels really good. >> got to love the unbelievableness. malloy's teammates and coaches were glued to the tv as she put
the hometown on the map. her training partner hoped for gold but bronze is just as sweet. >> i know how good she is, but it's just awesome to be able to see, you know, her do this on a world stage. >> the 26-year-old malloy has been working on the moves since she was just 6 years old. her coaches say they knew she'd do well and they are very happy to see all of that hard work paying off. that was a party last night. going to be a nice day for partying outside today. christina loren says beautiful sunshine, nice. >> lots to celebrate when it comes to the olympics with the women's gymnastics team tonight. we're looking good. this is a live look this morning. san rafael looking good, we've got 81 up there for today, 78 in fremont and 83 in san jose. we'll have your full forecast in a few moments. >> on the peninsula, san mateo is starting to jam up 92 and 101, the interchange, heavy flow there as well as an accident south of here and slow 101
through palo alto. northbound 101 a jam up as well off the 680 intervang and 280 at the bottom, jamming up exiting downtown san jose up to the 280 interchange the slower drive, red is where speeds are in the 20s. we're looking at the top of the screen, 87, reports of a breakdown, got to get repair work done. slow at the interchange. back to you. >> thank you. for the latest make sure to check us out on nbc bay area on facebook. we're back in a half hour.
all that training has all paid off for lochte, who's going to win olympic gold! >> that was ryan lochte winning gold medal -- a gold medal in the 100 meter i.m. he takes a bouquet afterwards and throws it to who? his mom, of course. and his mom will join us in just a couple minutes along with his siblings to talk about his meet so far. we're back now, 7:30 on a tuesday morning here in olympic park in london. i'm matt lauer alongside savannah guthrie. >> well, coming up, another olympian with a big cheering section, a royal cheering section, none other than the
queen's granddaughter, zara phillips. we've seen a lot of royal support at her events, princes william and harry and a lot of others have come to cheer on their relative. we're going to hear about that in a couple minutes. then u.s. women's olympic soccer star hope solo created quite an uproar about a twitter that she sent out about a former teammate, brandi chastain. on monday, she had a chance to kind of back down on those comments. did she do it? we'll talk about that in a couple minutes. we'll preview a big night for u.s. women's gymnastics. they get to compete for team gold. it's something they've really been working hard for, so we'll catch up with some former olympians and talk about their chances coming up. also ahead, we have reported it was a difficult night for the u.s. men's gymnastics team last night. we've got two of the members of that team, jonathan horton and jacob dalton, here with us this morning. good to see you. thanks for coming in. >> thanks. >> this isn't the way you wanted that part of the competition to end. you started the night in first, ended up in fifth. i'm sure you've had time to
think about it. what went wrong? >> definitely a little l bit of a rough meet. definitely thought about it, slept on it. it's a young team. a lot of nerves, a lot of expectations. we went out there, did everything we could, fought to the end, and that's all you can ask for. >> john orozco, your teammates said i can't help but feel personally responsible because i did five event, the most out of everyone, and botched on two of them. it hurts. i'm sure you guys don't feel that way. what have you been able to say to him to buck him up? he still has big e venls coming up. >> i told john it's the olympic games, be proud to represent the united states of america, soak it in. it's tough. we all make mistakes. i said, listen, you're 19 years old. you're going to be back. you're going to have an opportunity to do this again. >> talk to me about your mind-set as you look to the rest of this meet. >> i'm trying to take the whole experience in. like you said, it's our first olympic games and it's a great experience to be able to be here with these guys, and, you know, it was, you know, disappointing for us at the end but, you know,
we're a team, and i was really happy with the way we finished. we came through with three solid sets on high bar. that's what the usa is all about. >> we know you both have individual events, right? jake, you've got the floor, john, you have the horizontal bar coming up. excited for redemption at this point? >> yeah, no, i'm really excited. i was in the high bar final in 2008 and walked away with a silver medal. so i'm going to try to do a great routine there and see what outrageous high bar routine i can do this time around. >> good luck to both of you. nice of you to come in this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> john orozco and jacob dalton. >> we'll be watching. >> let's get a check of the weather from mr. roker. al? of course it's time for our english class. things people say here in england a little different than we say it back in states. are you guys ready for our english class? here we go. all righty. when you say in london here cue,
what do you mean when you say cue in london? any guesses? >> oh, are you talking to us, al? >> are you talking to us? >> was that our cue, al? it means wait in line. next. >> wait in line. all right. in london, when they say biz, what are they talking about? >> bins? >> bins. b-i-n-s. >> shoes. >> bins would be closets. >> pens. >> glasses. glasses. >> oh. that's right. and then finally, i know matt knows these. knickers. >> knickers. >> yeah. underwear. >> underwear. as in don't get your knickers in a twist. >> exactly right. >> i'm always telling him that, but they're still in a twist. >> all right. there you go. all right.
here we go. let's take a look at your forecast, show you what we've got for you for today. we are looking at london, and again we've had some showers move through the area, but the good news is they are going to start to dissipate as the day wears on. we are, though, look for windy conditions tomorrow. going to be kind of interesting. and that's what's going on around the c >> 7:35 on a tuesday morning. good morning to you. a live look san jose, clear as a bell to start you out. we've got a great looking day shaping up. plenty of 70s around the bay, 78 in oakland, 81 in redwood city, 69 san francisco and 72 in santa cruz. we've got changes on the horizon. tomorrow we'll warm you up to 95. then level off a little bit thursday into friday. cooling you down sunday into monday. we are at the london 2012 shop. how much stuff did you buy? >> a ton. >> where are you from?
>> from connecticut. >> all right. >> my nephew is the coxswain in the men's eight boat. >> good luck to him. >> thank you. >> when do they race? >> wednesday morning. >> we'll be rooting for him. >> thank you. >> savannah? hope solo, the star goalie of the u.s. women's soccer team, is not backing down from her twitter criticism of nbc analyst brandi chastain, this as her team returns to action this afternoon. "today" contributing correspondent jenna bush hager has the latest. good morning. >> good morning. solo has been in headlines a lot recently. first she received a warning from the u.s. anti-doping agency, then made attention-getting comments to a sports magazine. and now this. >> megan, tries to get it to her right foot. she does! what a goal! >> reporter: on saturday the u.s. women's soccer team defeated colombia 3-0, securing its place in the quarterfinals. >> rapino down the center.
carli lloyd. 3-0. >> reporter: and as the u.s. team celebrates its win, its controversial goalie, hope solo, took to twitter, criticizing former teammate brandi chastain for comments she made during the game's broadcast. >> overall, i'd have to give this u.s. team i'd say an a-minus. both heather o'reilly and alex morgan, not their best games. it was good but not maybe the quality that we're looking for. >> reporter: solo said, "it's too bad we can't have commentators who better represent the team and knows more about the game. it's important for our fans to enjoy the spirit of the olympics. it's not possible when someone on air is saying that a player is the worst defender." on monday, solo backed up those comments. >> it's my opinion. i think commentators should bring energy and excitement and passion to the game and a lot of knowledge. i think it's important to help build the game. i don't think they have that. >> it's extraordinarily
difficult to believe that someone could say that brandi chastain needed to be educated. that's like saying albert einstein needed to be educated about physics. that is crazy. brandi chastain played in 192 international soccer matches for the united states. if anyone knows soccer, it is brandi chastain. >> reporter: chastain defended her own comments telling reporters, "i'm here to do my job, which is to be an honest and objective analyst at the olympics." according to reports, u.s. team coach pia sundage was concerned and met with solo on sunday but said she would not be disciplined. >> in the last three weeks, hope solo has failed a drug test. she has talked about a security breach in the olympics in 2008. now she's called out brandi chastain. and the question we all are asking is what is going on with hope solo? and the answer is we don't know. >> reporter: for now the u.s. team is looking ahead to today's game against north korea, hoping for a win and a chance to hearn their fourth gold medal.
>> i don't really care to talk about it. >> reporter: for its part, nbc olympics released a statement saying "we are thrilled to be able to offer such complete and compelling coverage of the entire olympic soccer tournament, and brandi has been doing an outstanding job." savannah? >> let's hope the next story is about what happens on the field. >> that's what we hope. today let's win. >> exactly. actually, good time to remind everybody you can catch the u.s. take on north korea today 12:15 eastern time on the nbc sports network. coming up next, what's it like to watch your loved one's olympic dreams dashed or fulfilled? we'll ask ryan lochte's mom and siblings, the cheering section. parents this year i'm going to teach your kids that magic does exist. it's called science! here's what they'll need. ♪ pencils, folders, notebooks. ♪ ♪ backpacks, denims, graphic tees. ♪ ♪ markers, calculators. whoa! ♪
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>> i'm having a blast. >> are you really? >> i am. i'm staying with -- at the hotel, but they're great. >> treating you well? >> yes, and they make me relax. >> are you talking to ryan after every race? do you get to hang out with him a little bit or at least communicate with him? and what's his emotional state of mind right now? >> we get to text him. >> yeah? >> after every time he swims we let him know we're so proud of him and we love watching him swim. you know, he has a lot of goals here, and he's doing something he absolutely loves. so any swim we get to see, we're very emotional. >> let's talk about how it started with this 400 i.m. he basically destroyed the field. he takes a gold medal. you had to really feel good that that's the way this meet got under way after all the pressure on his shoulders. >> well, i think we take it --
events with events. the 400 i.m., it was great. he dropped two seconds. then we went on to the next event and the next event we didn't realize he was on it, on the relay, so that was fantastic. and he actually did have a good time, so, you know, even though the outcome wasn't, but the person that he went against went second fastest ever. >> were you surprised that he was overtaking on that final leg? you're not used to seeingi that. >> i thought that he might have that extra push, but still that time was there and it was great. >> do you think that shook his confidence a little bit going into the next event after that, the 200, which is basically one of his signature events? >> that's a new event for him for the olympics, so we dn't know how to handle that one. we knew who was out there in competition for him so, i think it might have been a little bit of everything. but that wasn't really his best
one, but he was right on it. >> when you all listen to the buildup of the olympics and you heard your brother's and your son's name mentioned over and over, i'm looking at your dpas, i know it's a burden, isn't it? you worry about the hype before the games. >> exactly. i think that, you know, that hype was awful because it was demanding of him. i'm not sure if he really takes that into his thoughts. >> he seems to be the underdog. >> he did great and we're very proud of him. >> but we do place a certain expectation level on some of these athletes that it's nearly impossible to live up to. >> yes. right. i agree. i agree. >> i get nervous that -- that ryan's going to feel that expectation because ryan's mentality when it comes to swimming is there to have fun. he loves swimming, he loves racing, and he's just there to have fun. that's why he does it. that's why we love watching him swim. i worry about that, but i don't
think ryan does as much. i think we worry more. >> does he share when he's a little down after an outcome with you guys, or is he one of these people who keeps it pretty much to himself? >> he saw me up in the stands and he gave me a look. i knew he wasn't happy with the outcome of the race. >> yeah. >> he's, like, okay, next one, let's go. >> yeah. he's got more. >> he said that, you know -- we said how proud we were and good swim. and he was, like, well, i don't think it was a very exciting night. but i said, ryan, you're swimming in the olympics. >> yeah, exactly. he's got a lot of exciting nights to come. no question about it. >> there's only three people that can beat him at this point, so -- >> anyway, you guys are so nice to come by. you have a lot of events to go, and this meet continues on. and you guys are always there for him, and i know he appreciates that. >> well, tonight, but then tomorrow is the big one. >> team lochte here in olympic park. and ryan's going to be back in action. his mom just mentioned.
at the aquatic centre tonight. much more ahead from london including the royal family out in force. not this royal family, a different one. cheering on one of their own. that's after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] gillette. the best a man can get. i'm timothy. [ male announcer ] what they got was a miracle. i came from the garden. [ male announcer ] disney invites you... i never thought i'd hear that laugh again. [ male announcer ] the most magical movie of the summer. you know that he's different. that's what i like about him. [ male announcer ] "the odd life of timothy green." rated pg.
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ride for olympic gold today, this after she received a big show of support from the royal family on monday. ben, good morning to you. >> good morning. when your father just happens to be the captain of the u.s. equestrian team, can you expect the audience to be pretty big. it had star power and a royal pedigree. the duchess of cambridge, prince william and prince harry, all there to cheer their cousin on. and it was a tour course, all in which her horse lost a shoe. but she kept her nerve. she was thrilled with him and afterward said "he's such a dude." an equestrian event with not just one athlete completing but two. she had to drop a previous mount. we asked her how she felt about the horse she's riding now.
>> i've had him since he was a 5-year-old. we've grown up together. he's much more relaxed and, you know, doesn't seek the lime light like my other horse did. and he's really coming into himself and improving and a fun little horse. >> sheech also told us how proud she was. >> i've been really excited and it's an honor to ride for your country in the olympics. >> she took the olympic torch on horseback and hasn't looked back. with her royal relatives out in force, she's hoping to bring home a medal for queen and country. >> i think they're all proud and my family is very supportive. i couldn't do it without him. >> her father, captain mark phillips, who trains the u.s. team offered a little partisan support. >> she missed a couple of games
because her horse got injured. hope flip if her horse can stay sound, she's got a chance to take the olympic box. >> and she looks determined to grasp it. for the girl who was born to wear a tiara, years of hard physical work has brought olympic glory within reach. again, the medals are being handed out today after the final discipline, jumping. the u.s. is currently in fifth place. >> the royals are out in force again. there at the dressage event we have camilla and william and cate. coming up, we'll preview the womens in gymnastics right after this. this morning on "today," we shared missy franklin's first moment with her parents. and misty may-treanor and kerri
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>> 7:56. good morning. i'm jon kelley. the the man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar is due back in court. antolin garcia torres set to be arraigned. garcia torres has been in jail since may, is now facing murder charges in the disappearance of the morgan hill teenager, though her body has still not been found. a spokesperson for her family says they will not be in court today, the family that is, because they do not want to hear garcia torres say the words "not guilty." let's check on the weather. meteorologist christina loren says it's going to be a nice one. >> you need the shades, very bright out here. good morning to you. mostly clear conditions from sunol all the way to san rafael. a little bit of low cloud cover hugging the coastline so watch
for that. we're at 54 in san jose, and livermore, same for concord. fairfield at 69. that will be the hottest city across the bay area today. as we get very warm in the central valley. so as we head throughout the day, temperatures at noon are going to be on the warm side. livermore at 83 degrees, then you are in the low 90s. down from 98 yesterday so not as hot. we'll get more of a breeze later on making it feel that much more comfortable than yesterday evening. as we head through the weekend getting cooler weather. let's check the drive. >> let's get out there and show you the volume of traffic through san jose northbound 101, really heavy off of capital expressway past 680 and past the airport. back to the maps, a general slowing. 237 and 101 kicking in. southbound 80 slow off the castro valley yrkz. 101 up to the area, university
smooth south bound side is slow around the university itself. >> thank you. for the latest make sure to check us out on nbc bay area on facebook. with all your car doey he really wants to hear those three little words: chevron with techron. care for your car.
♪ [ male announcer ] every day we are doing our best, to make sure they are at their best. before they move us, we move them.
proud to fly team usa for over 30 years. united. ♪ good morning. it is the 31st of july, 2012, and what a pretty view that is, checking out a bird's-eye view of our home in london's olympic park. and that beautiful olympic cauldron that so many people have come to see courtesy of our friends at goodyear. and back here on the ground, you can see we have a big, loud, boisterous, happy, patriotic crowd. it is drizzling a little bit. good morning, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie alongside matt lauer and al roker. and, guys, are you excited for tonight?
>> a big night for jinl nastices. >> huge night for women's gymnastics. for the first time since the magnificent seven in 1996, they are going to go for team gold and they really have a shot of it. jordyn wieber of course had a disappointing sunday, but let's see if she can shake that off. we're going to talk about it with three lay days who have been there, nastia liukin, shawn johnson and patterson are here with us. >> also, we're going to be talking about a 16-year-old swimmer from china. she's making a lot of headlines here. she's had some faster split times than the 400 meter i.m. than the men's champ, ryan lochte. now some people are asking questions. is this all about natural ability and training or could it be about something else? we'll get into that. and then we're going to take a look at a sport that really requires split-second timing, nerves of steel. we'll talk about the u.s. diving who captured bronze in men's sin
kron newsed platform. >> first let's get a check of all the top news from hoda kotb over in the studio. hoda. hey, guys. good morning, everybody. michael phelps goes for his third straight gold medal in the 200 meter butterfly tonight, but monday night the aquatics centre was all about one swimmer, and her name? missy franklin. >> reporter: 17-year-old missy franklin earned her first gold medal in the 100 meter backstroke describinging after what it was like to win. >> it's unbelievable. >> it? >> unbelievable. >> it was hugs, kisses and tears of joy for missy as she greeted her parents after striking gold. her parents told me what it's like to watch her from the stands. when she's swimming, are you guys watching eyes wide open? do you close your eyes? >> eyes wide open. >> wide open? >> i'm quiet. i just sit there watching. >> okay, so now i'm going to get -- >> he can be obnoxious. >> michael phelps goes for gold tonight.
>> i try to put myself in a good position to try to win that heat and we didn't, so set up for tomorrow night. >> ryan lochte finished fourth in the 200 meter freestyle. >> i said he had to do the little things right. that's what cost him a medal. >> the u.s. men's gymnastics team disappointed finishing fifth in the all-around final after suffering a series of sloppy slips, falls, and tumbles. the home team brits fared bet we are both princes william and harry cheering in the stands. the british team eventually won bronze, their first team medal since 1912. in women's beach volleyball, misty may-treanor celebrated her 35th birthday with kerri walsh jennings and a victory over the czech republic. the americans had a perfect day in tennis winning all the monday events. the williams sisters won in their singles matches as well as doubles. >> it's amazing and thrilling to
be back on the court, and i'm just trying to take it every match at a time. >> a colombian woman's soccer player has been hit with a two-match ban for sucker punching u.s. forward abby wambach in a saturday match. after a stunning view sunday, the olympic cauldron had to be extingui extinguished, moved, and relit. the honors going to an 82-year-old man who was a torchbearer during the 1948 london games. let's turn it over to nat for a check of the top stories. good morning, everyone. colorado mass shooting suspect james holmes now faces the possibility of capital puni punishment. he was formally charged monday with the movie theater murders of 12 people and the wounding of 58 others, 142 counts in all. meantime, a family member says shooting survivor ashley mozer, who lost her 6-year-old daughter and later suffered a miscarriage
is expected to be paralyzed because of her injuries. on the final full day of his overseas trip, republican mitt romney spoke in warsaw this morning, and he praised poland as a longtime u.s. ally. he said americans are inspired by poland's move away from a state-dominated economy. half of india, about 600 million people, lost electricity today, one day after a smaller but similar blackout. hundreds of trains were stalled and traffic lights went out. india's power minister blamed the crisis on states taking more than their allotted shares of electricity. hyundai is recalling about 200,000 santa fe suvs because the front passenger air bag may not deploy in a crash. that recall covers 2007 to 2009 santa fes. in a separate action, hyundai recalled 24,000 sonata sedans for the model years 2012 and 2013 because their side air bags could inflate unexpectedly. the apple versus samsung patent trial gets under way
today at federal court in san francisco. apple is demanding a record $2.5 billion in damages, claiming that samsung's smartphone and computer tablets are illegal knockoffs of the iphone and ipad. samsung countered its products are not copies of apple devices and some apple products infringe on samsung patents. now for an olympics edition of what is trending today, our quick roundup of what has you talking on online. swiss soccer player michelle sagornella has been ousted because he posted remarks that insulted people hours after his team lost. he says he maid a huge mistake. kayaker mike dawson has two reason to kiss up to events judges, that's because one is his mother. call it tough love. she had no problem giving her son a penalty for an error he made on the course. his dad is also his coach.
don't expect any complaints about his mother's penalty. he likes her cooking too much, he says, at family dinnertimes. and sir paul mccartney didn't ask for his usual payday when he performed at friday's olympics opening ceremony. mccartney actually was paid a nominal fee of just one british pound to make his contract legally binding. that's about $1.57. and it was an amazing act for sure. it's now 8:07. you're now up to date. al has a check of the weather. a little bit of rain here now, al. >> sure is. let's see what we've got. we are looking at some showers moving across london today. but we could use the rain in a good portion of the country. look at the drought. we've got exceptional to extreme drought, picking up a little rain over georgia where they could use it but nearly not enough where it's going to make much of a difference. as we look at the rest of today around the country, you'll see that we're expecting a risk of strong storms through the southeast. beautiful day in the pacific
northwest. risk of strong storms in the northern plains. plenty of sunshine, cooler weather in new england and the northeast. 8:07 now. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. taking a live look. looking pretty clear her from san rafael. we still have some low clouds hugging the coastline. temperatures, though, are comfortable to start, 83 degrees in san jose, today, 91 degrees in livermore, 78 degrees in places like oakland and hitting about 69 degrees today along the coastline. comfortable conditions in pacifica and half moon bay. wednesday into thursday, we start to level off just a little bit. the real cooldown kicks in sunday into monday. >> you know, we've got the rain. now he just need the fog. matt? >> nice, al. thank you very much. up next, can u.s. women's gymnastics team strike gold tonight? wee going to talk to some former medal winners -- nastia liukin, carly patterson and shawn johnson. that's right after this.
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that came down to this indelible moment. >> she has done it! kerri strug has done it. >> reporter: heroically vaulting the team usa to the gold it was the last time they had taken the top spot in competition. >> we were there in 1996, and i remember that feeling in the arena when those young women took home the gold. it's been missed opportunities ever since. >> here are the women of team usa. >> reporter: 16 years later, the american women are hoping to reclaim that glory and make their mark on olympic history. >> this time around, they are going in as the defending world champions and absolutely this gold medal is theirs to lose. >> reporter: dubbed the fab five, they're still reeling from sunday's dramatic qualifying. >> stepped out of bounds. >> reporter: after several uncharacteristic slip-ups sunday -- >> she was well off to the side
on the landing. >> reporter: -- team leader and world champion jordyn wieber didn't qualify for the individual all-around. >> jordyn wieber is out of the all-around. >> reporter: wieber's emotional setback has some worrying if she can regroup in time for tonight's team final. >> it's a little bit of a disappointment, you know, in my mind to compete and at the olympics. i'm glad i'll be able to help the team out in team finals. >> reporter: the team will be led by gabby douglas and aly raisman. anxious parents watching on. >> stick it, please. >> stick it! stick it! >> yeah! >> reporter: heading into tonight, team usa faces a very talented russian team led by victoria komova, who posted the highest all-around score on sunday. two skwim gymnastics super powers vying for one spot on the medal stand, a showdown for the ages. >> nastia liukin, carly patterson, and shawn johnson won
a collective 12 medals during their olympic careers. ladies, good morning. good to see you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> thank you for dressing in coordinatinging pastels. you look great. they've been looking for team gold since 1996. you all did it. how coveted is this? nastia? >> i mean, it's been 16 years since the u.s. has been able to take home a team title, and that was the first time. so i think just for them to have a chance going in for today is such an amazing feeling. >> we saw obviously the disappointment for jordyn. it was a shocker for the whole team. what kind of an effect does something like that have on a team? shawn? >> i definitely think it rattles them a little bit. it's not what they expected, not what they planned for, but they're an incredibly strong team, they're mentally machines and they know they're out there to go for the gold for the team, team usa, and i think they pull back together. >> you guyses are all olympic competitors. what's the mind-set? if you're jordyn wieber, do you look at it as motivating or can
it be potentially something that's shattering and hard to go on in the competition? carly? >> i think jordyn wieber has shown us how strong she is as a gymnast and a person. she just made a few mistakes in prelim, and i don't think she's going to let that shake her up. i think we'll see her come out really strong and confident tonight because it's not over. then you're doing this for the team tonight. so i think it will be a lot of camaraderie and all pulling together for the team to get that team gold and all have the gold medal they deserve. >> shawn just mentioned they have nerves of steel. i mean, all of us look at this, we think the athletic feats are amazing, but to be able to withstand that pressure and the expectations, how do you do that? >> i think at this point your body is so prepared and more prepared physically than you'll ever be in your entire life, and it's that mental aspect of it just trying to keep a positive vibe for yourself. this is the thing i've been doing so many months, so many years now and just going out there and living in the moment and trying to do the best of your life. >> we're going to see gabby douglas and aly raisman in the
individual all-arounds. they're friends and teammates, something i know nastia and shawn know a little bit about. shawn, what is that like to be -- you want it so bad, you want the gold, you've got your teammate and your friend but now she's your competitor, too? >> i think nastia can agree. it's great during training because we push each other so much, take each other to the next level like gabby and aly. being friends and teammates, you're ultimately wearing the red, white, and blue so they have to be excited and, you know, cheering each other on. >> definitely. >> you agree, nastia? >> yeah, i do. i think it definitely brought out i know in our case in 2008, brought out the best of us because we just kept pushing each other to that ultimate limit where, you know, if we didn't have somebody that was kind of right underneath you or bright above you that you wouldn't even know how far you could push those limits. i think it's the same thing, and not just with gabby and aly but also jordyn. those three have been neck and neck all year, so it will be an amazing competition. >> carly, gabby douglas is in
all four events tonight. the rest of the girls have one or two. that's really difficult. >> right. i know. a lot will be resting on her shoulders, but she's obviously proved she's completely ready. i think she's going to go out there just like prelims. all the girls, like i said yesterday, they all look so confident, and i was so nervous, but after that first event i see that they're ready and they're going to go out there, i think gab gabby's going to do a great job leading the team in all four events. >> you were telling me yesterday you guys are going to be more nervous tonight. >> i know. >> you'll be there watching. we'll get your professional analysis. >> the inside scoop. >> pat pacarly patterson, nasti liukin, shawn johnson, thank you. coming up, michael phelps' shot at history tonight and the controversy over 16-year-old girl posting faster times even than the men. [ dr. feld ] so, arnold, i take it intensive couples' therapy
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brought to you by walmart. we've been training your whole lives to save you money. walmart -- save money. live better. and we're back now with "today's olympic moment." and what else but the missile hitting her target. >> reporter: she's known as the missile. 17-year-old american swimmer missy franklin. missy came to london poised to become the breakout star of these games, the female version of michael phelps. and in the 100 meter backstroke finals, she lived up to the hype. >> missy franklin, to the wall in lane five! her first individual medal going to be gold? yes! >> reporter: missy franklin taking home the gold less than 15 minutes after competing in the 200 meter freestyle semis. emotions ran high in her hometown as friends gathered to watch her race. and both the 17-year-old and her parents shed tears at the
playing of the u.s. national anthem. missy might have to get used to seeing that american flag raised in her honor. she has many more races to go here at the games. and she says she couldn't be happier now. in her words, "i still feel like someone needs to pinch me." >> missy swims for her third medal of these games over at the aquatics centre a little later today. rowdy gaines is a three-time gold medalist and nbc swimming analyst. adam is a reporter for good to see you both. >> pleasure. >> good start for missy franklin. >> and the amazing thing is she only had 14 minutesetween qualifying for a race and swimming for the 800 backstroke final. amazing. >> after the qualifying, i was over in the aquatics centre last night, rowdy, and she came over to near where i was sitting and did a warm-down swim in that
pool. how unusual is it? >> unprecedented, matt. you never see that in an olympic competition. but, you know, this games is for the athletes, so they want to try to accommodate them as much as possible. she didn't get a lot in. 375 meters, to be exact. not a lot. but it was enough to win gold. >> let's look at the men in the hundred meters backstroke, one-two for matt grevers and nick thoman. were you expecting that result? >> i wasn't. i mean, i don't know about you, alan, but i thought it was a great performance by the united states. i knew that matt was going to be a huge favorite, but nick thoman getting in there and getting this over with was a big surprise. >> i think nick getting second was a big surprise. a shoutout to the northwestern wildcat purple pride for matt. he's been on fire all year, rowdy, and i think you would agree with me. >> he has. >> matt has been super swimming great, and no surprise he won gold. >> alan, stick with you and talk about ryan lochte. after a nice quick start winning the gold, he then has had a bit of a letdown in his next two events getting overtaken in the
final leg of a relay and then swimming under par in the 200. are you surprised by his performance? >> yeah, and i'll tell you why. ryan sat at the press conference after the 400 i.m. and said these are my games. i've been training hard for four years. this is my time. yes, agnel has been swimming out of his mind, the french guy who took him in the 400, but if these are your games you have to stand up and deliver it. no question about it. >> rowdy, michael phelps, he's going for the record tonight. it could possibly happen. based on what you've seen so far from him, is is it still a reality? >> it's crazy. alan and i were just talking about it, you write this guy off, ice a mistake. he had a great comeback in the 100 free on that relay, and i think rehe breaks a record tonight. >> me, too. i think michael domm nuclear facilities tonight. >> finish with this chinese swimmer, 16 years old. her name is ye shiwen, and she is raising all kinds of questions here.
she's swimming faster than some men swim in similar events. what's going on here, guys? >> what's going on here is a disturbing problem, because when you ask the ioc's medical commission responsible for do dopinging protocols whether we can have confidence in the chinese doping system, he says, "i don't know." >> you know, it does raise some issue, matt, because it was such a key format. not like she wasn't on the radar. she won the world championships last year but a best time by seven seconds? >> seven seconds. >> seven seconds dropping in about a year, right? >> yes, in a year. but it's a big difference from having those suspicions and then condemning her. two different things. >> agreed, but for us not to have suspicions is also inappropriate. >> all right. alan, thank you very much. rowdy, always good to see you as well. up next, the u.s. diving's team terrific start in london. we'll meet the newest medal winners.
this morning on "today," we shared missy franklin's first meeting with her parents. and tomorrow, the good tuesday morning to you. 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a bay area family is thankful to be alive after flames swept through their home. it happened on 82nd avenue near ney avenue in east oakland around 10:00 last night. firefighters say when they arrived flames were pouring out of all the top floors of the three-story home. fortunately, everyone got out safely. the house, however, was completely gutted. let's take a look at that morning commute with mike. all right. look over to the area rightqeál here, 101 around university avenue. now, the traffic slows here, but it's made a little slower because the accident just north of there around redwood city has cleared from lanes.
but now things are bottling up approaching willow. back to the map, we'll look at the slowdown from here all the way down into san jose. where the northbound commute is kicking in really strongly from 680 up past 237 from 101 and 280 up past 880 for san jose. we'll get a look at the 880 area through oakland with a nice flow of traffic up towards the bay bridge toll plaza, where the traffic flow there has been relatively light all morning even though the backup at the east shore freeway is still having an effect through berkeley in the westbound direction. back to you. for the latest traffic and news updates, check out nbc bay area on facebook.
this fall, matthew perry is starting over, and this group will give him just what he needs. >> aaaa. >> you know what what i need? >> feelings? >> ha-ha. >> "go on" premieres tuesday, september 7th here on nbc. it's 8:30 now on a tuesday morning, the 31st day of july, 2012. another day for us at olympic park in london as you look down at the sites, the place is teeming with people coming in to see events. some of those people stopping by our home away from home here. we thank them very much. >> whooo! >> out on our plaza here in
london, i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie, natalie morales and mr. al roker. and right now we are actually in east london, which of course forever more will be known for the olympic games. but before the games came here, it was known kind of as the creativity hub of the city. we're going to take a tour coming up. also, you saw him last week at the tower of london with us, jamie oliver, our good friend. today he's brought some friends along as well. some young kids are helping him cook today, and he'll show us some of his creations. >> come on, faster! >> all right. entering the london game, the u.s. diving team had not won a medal since 1996. well, today david boudia and nicholas mccrory picked up the team's second medal in two days, a bronze in the men's synchronized ten-meter platform. and guess who's on the plaza with us right now? david and nick are joining us right now. guys, congratulations. way to go. >> thank you. >> so we had kelsey and abby the
women a couple days ago, and now it's your turn. you've made history as well, you've got these medals hanging around your neck. how does it feel? >> it's surreal still. i can't believe it's 24 hours into it. the girls started us off right. hopefully keep this momentum going. >> and you guys really nailed your last dive. how does that feel? >> it was incredible. i mean, we knew we needed a good dive and we approached that round the same as every other round, you know, just step by step, focusing on the process and, you know, landing on the medal stand. >> you guys live on opposite ends of the country. how do you train together? synchronized diving is all about kind of working it out together. >> yeah, well, we meet in north carolina. [ laughter ] >> we count one, two, three, go by ourselves and it's just a plus that i can dive next to nick. he's a great athlete so it makes it that much easier. >> when you team up together, do
you guys have to change or adjust your diving styles or what you do to work together? >> yeah. you know, we're always making little adjustments to make things click perfectly. we do have sort of a natural timing. we always, you know, go at the same rate so, that's definitely helpful in synchro diving. you win this medal as a team. >> uh-huh. >> now the events continue, and you each have another event and you'll be competing against each other in that. >> yeah, now we battle against each other, but the cool thing is we're still team usa so we'll compete friendly rivalry. >> yeah. >> but it's us versus the world. looking forward to that on the 10th and 11th. >> raise your hand if you might be wearing a medal after that next event. i will say you were faster. >> you weren't synchronized. >> thanks, guys. >> congratulations. >> thanks for coming down. >> mr. roker, how about a check of the weather? >> let's show you what we have today around the country. risk of strong storms through the southeastern u.s., the northern plains, gorgeous in the
pacific northwest, sizzling record highs continue in the midplains, and then for tomorrow we've got more record-breaking heat in the midsection of the country, showers along the southeastern atlantic coast, sunny and hot through the southwest, nice and mild with plenty of sunshine in the pacific northwest, sizzling weather into the northern plains.????????????????????????? 8:34 on a tuesday morning. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. this is san jose looking nice and clear. a little bit hazy here. happy to report we're still in a good air quality range everywhere except for the east bay where we have moderate air quality for today. open up those windows in fremont. 78 degrees there. 81 in redwood city. about 72 degrees in santa cruz. meanwhile, we'll touch on the low to mid-80s in the south bay. as we head throughout thursday to friday, look at the difference, down to 86 degrees from 95. and don't forget, check your weather anytime you need to. go to the weather channel on cable, online. al, thanks.
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"today in london" is brought to you by coke. coca-cola -- open happiness. and this morning on "today in london," the area around olympic park. it's located in east london. it's a place that kate maxwell, editor in chief of, used to call home so, we asked her for a little tour. take a look. >> reporter: i'm at one of my favorite london neighborhoods. i used to live just down the road, and the olympic stadium is five miles east of here. the best way to start a saturday is with breakfast at the cafe. come meet my friend doug. thanks for coming. >> anytime. >> so you know the only thing to order here is the kidneys on
toast. >> i did see that. i'm not too sure. you haven't sold me on that one. >> what are you going to be doing today? >> it started about a year and a half ago. it's basically a walking tour in which we learn about the history and the culture of this area and we see some of the biggest and best pieces of uncommissioned street art that you'll see in any country in the world. >> all right. it's a little bit scary, maybe, but i think it's delicious. >> mushrooms. >> yeah, they do look like mushroom, done they. there's been a noticeable foodie trend in the last few years, hasn't there. tights idea that you can eat the whole thing. so you can find liver and brain and heart and stuff, like all sorts of those upscale london restaurants. what's the best way of getting around for the olympics? >> that's the boris bike. >> the boris bikes. >> east london is the city's
creative hub and the heart of street art. they've got everything here, tiny things to four-story murals, and we're going to take a look at it. he really made his name on these streets, right? >> definitely. one of the household names of the street art world, not the only household name. this is one of his older pieces right here. there isn't many left around here, but part of the tour is to show you there's so much more than just one man. another piece of art that i love. it's by the artist jimmy see from australia. using spray paint, he sprays and lets it drip a little bit and it builds and builds and builds. >> love it. really great colors. technically unusual. >> yeah. it's nice. >> tell me about this guy here. >> this has been done by al mack from l.a. and it was done about a year ago. he was over in britain, and he had a 24-hour stopover in london, and in that period e he
came to find a quiet street, painted it and jumped on a plane back home. >> thanks for the tour, doug. that was fascinating. >> i hope you have a good day. >> this is broadway market. it's known for its multicultural array of food. the people watching is second to none. could i try some of that? i used to make this at home with my mom. >> okay. >> yep. i'll have a couple of dots with that. listening to music in broadway market is the perfect way to end a great day. >> and kate maxwell joins us here in olympic park. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> i think a lot of people watching may be more familiar with new york city than london. >> right. >> what would you compare shortage and the east end to in new york city? is it greenwich village? is it sojo? >> right. it's probably the lower et
side or the east village. where we are, it's maybe a bit more like brooklyn. >> is it still affordable here? we have to remember, london is one of the most expensive cities in the world. >> right. >> in these kind of rejuvenated neighborhoods is it still affordable? >> it was affordable, you know, ten years ago, and that's why the artists came here in the '80s. it's less affordable now, very central. but gentrification is moving further east. the further east you go, the more affordable housing is. >> we should be honest, there have been some areas that have not been affected by the rebuilding yet. >> right. >> there are still some difficult areas. when you see what has been affected and renovated, are you concerned when the olympics are gone it will be forgotten again? >> i'm not, actually, because i think it's decades and decades. something i'm excited about at the moment is london's answer to silicon valley, which is right there. there's all sorts of start-ups
in east london. so, you know, this is boom time for london. >> let's broaden our horizons a little bit. you and i have been talking about the games coming to london for a couple years now. >> yeah. >> how do you think the brits are doing in general in terms of hosting the world? >> we all know that the brits are a fairly cynical race, but i've been impressed with the past few days being here how explosive the londoners are. not fantastic weather, but the people are great, people are loving the opening ceremonies, snatching up tickets left and right. everyone i speak to is seriously excited about it. >> okay, maxwell. nice to see you over here far change. thanks very much. we appreciate it. up next, a little cooking with britain's own jamie oliver.
this morning on "today's olympic kitchen," famed british
chef jamie oliver. we'll get to this morning's menu in a moment. but first what jamie is doing to teach kids about the joys of cooking. >> reporter: what may look like a field trip to a farm is actually just another day in class for these kids. their school in suffolk, england, is one of two pilot programs for i don't blajamie o kitchen garden project. in addition to the three rs, students learn about healthy eating and making meals from scratch. >> chop them really thinly. >> reporter: from growing to picking, zesting to beating, and peppered in along the way are some of those normal subjects. where would that vanilla grow? >> where do they come from? >> reporter: there's geography. need a menu? reading and writing. a little math. >> different scales with different measurements. >> reporter: and a bit of science. >> bees pollen make the flowers
to make -- to make honey for us. >> reporter: but the education goes further. >> education is about making -- givinging children better attitudes, so we're trying to make children grow up with healthy lifestyles. if you look around our school, you don't find many children who chronically are overweight or stand around with nothing to do. >> reporter: and while you may not have liked your food at school, this menu, picked and prepared by the kids, is a bit more sophisticated, down to the details. >> the lemon kind. >> reporter: the children love the program, but how about their grades since the launch? >> difficult to pin the results specifically on this project, but within the last three years our results have improved tremendously. >> reporter: with a dash of enthusiasm and a pinch of fun, who knows? the teachers at this program and jamie oliver might have already inspired the next big chef in britain.
and jamie is here now along with some aspiring young cooks. we have matty and maddy as i like to call them. >> lovely to be here. >> how is jamie as a teacher, mautzy? >> he's awesome. >> he is? maddie, what have you learned in class? >> we've learned how to make pasta and -- >> salad? >> salads. >> yes. >> can you cook meat? >> yes. >> can you cook seafood? >> yes. >> if i left you at home on your own for three days could you feed yourself? >> yes. >> chef, what are we making today? >> we are on the olympic camp with the biggest burger joint in the world and there is a few illusions about burgers. i want to show people it can be healthy if you're using great food. first of all, when it comes to buying the meat. if you have the opportunity, buy meat at the butcher or supermarket, definitely to know
what's in it. this is chuck steak. we have four pounds of good quality chuck steak in here. half a grated red onion. matty over here is crushing up some crackers. you pour that in there, honey. a little salt and pepper. >> okay. >> over here, matty is chopping parsley. maddie before us -- >> nice skills. >> can the cameraman get in there? this is the cross chopping technique, the easiest and safest technique for a young person to use. if the hands are out of the way, she's quite soft. yes. a little pro in the making. i'm going to take that parsley, put it in there. scrunch up, baby. scrunch up. matty, you're going to start rolling. you, my friend, we have some burgers over here. >> i'll eat them? no. >> it's a beautiful journey to the shores of america from russia to germany. >> but not everyone thinks of it as health food. >> no, but what happens is
because it's a minced meat product, anything that's minced has the ability to be cheated or become a bit of a dust bin. so making your own burgers is a great way to know what you're eating and it can be great quality and healthy. roll those into a patty quickly. it's worth mentioning the purists for a burger would have literally just ground chuck steak with a little salt and pepper, nothing else. >> okay. >> okay? so what we've done here is slightly flavored it. it does make it delicious and it does make it moist. i'm going to cook these off. i'm going to flip these burgers over. >> do you refrigerate these before you put them in? >> you can refrigerate them or put them straight away. obviously the best way is to with a barbecue or over wood or charcoal. i've got lovely little buns right here. you may not have invented the burger, it came by hamburg, the hamburg steak, but the americans made the burger. >> we perfected it. we thought we invented it. >> like you invent everything. >> i know, i know. >> you did make it famous and
turn it into the culture that it is. one thing you definitely did invent was the slider. heard of it? >> yeah. >> it hasn't come to britain yet. that small burger, one 0-2, different flavors. you see here, they're just rolling them up. like a glorified meatball. show them how you flatten them out, matty. >> looks small by american standards. >> it's a slider. >> all right. >> what we're going to do is rack this up. after this recipe, i'm going to come back and show you an amazing salad. but i'll show you this now. we've lightly toasted this bun. we'll hit it up with the classic ketchup as well, have a little slice over our tomato as we call it. then i'm going to give it one of our beautiful burgers here. of course pickles are our best friend. >> oh, put it right on there, huh? >> anyone hungry here? [ cheers ] >> what about cheese? >> yeah. could you hold that for me, my darling? >> yes. >> i've got some beautiful wet
pound cheddar, one of the most famous in the country. >> that looks good. >> i'm going to put the top of this little bun on here. who would like an olympic burger? [ cheers ] >> 500 takers right behind you. >> okay. come on! who wants it! >> oh, and a kiss, too. chef jamie oliver. thank you so much. back with more recipes in a minute. matty, maddie, you guys will be back, too. thanks so much. much more from london coming up.
most of the most of the athletes here in london are here for one reason, that is the experience. others, of course, come hoping to win a medal. once they do, what do they do with that valuable treasure. we asked some decorated olympians. >> in a sock drawer. i think that's where all my olympic medals are. >> my sock drawer. >> where else are you going to put it? >> your socks are soft and they'll keep your medals safe. >> i keep it inside of a sock so it doesn't get rusted or tarnished. >> the drawer, but not in the drawer with my socks. >> i have eleven olympic medals. they were in my sock drawer. my father decided that wasn't safe enough so he got me a safe. >> i heard that burglars look through sock drawers, so i'm
going to have to re-place it somewhere else. >> i keep my medals in my pots and pans in the kitchen. who is going to look in the kitchen. >> i wouldn't look in the pots and pans. >> sock drawer maybe, but not the pots and pans. >> a lot kept it in the sock drawer. natalie said she keeps them in the makeup bags and organizes them and separates them by color. she has that luxury. >> you do that with your emmy awards. >> exactly. some are men's, some are women's. let's talk about events. we had a chance to see swimming. you saw some beach volleyball. >> incredible venue right by big ben, the buckingham palace. stunning and so much fun to watch. really the spectacle of the games. >> we're going to play beach volleyball right here tomorrow. watch out morales, i got my eye on you. >> what's with the two of you with the competitiveness. get ready for nbc sports coverage of the olympics. >> we leave you with some images of the games.
toblt, meet missy franklin. good morning to you. 8:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a bay area family is demanding justice after a police shooting killed their teenage son. family members for 18-year-old alan blueford will hold a rally on 14th street and broadway in downtown oakland tonight. they are demanding the release of the police report into the fatal shooting.
blueford was shot and killed after allegedly pointing a weapon at officers who were trying to arrest him back in may. better news, let's turn to the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you, laura. we have a good-looking day shaping up. we'll be at about 91 degrees inland today, 78 bayside, and 69 degrees at the coast. warming you up for tomorrow. and we'll continue that trend into friday.;= then we cool off in time for the weekend.
i don't know if he's going to catch him. >> he did it. he did it. .01 of a second. you're looking at the fairlied whitecliffs of dover overlooking the english channel. 80 miles away in the heart of london buckingham palace is such a short walk from horse guards police, the beach volleyball capital, and from the north of the british valley, lee valley, the site of whitewater canoeing.